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Clans of the Cruft-Scape is a 20 page weirdo sword-and-planet setting for the Troika! RPG, written and created entirely in MS Paint. It is a world addicted to the discarded dreams of four quasi-demi-gods, inspired by G. McKinney's Carcosa, Z-tier Sword and Sorcery paperback illustrations, nonsense poetry and procrastination. It's the most itch.io thing I've ever made.

Inside you will find:

* A hex map with five different terrain types
* A bestiary with 10 bizarre new monsters
* Mounts and vehicles
* 15 new equipment items specific to the world of the Cruft-Scape
* Terrain-specific encounter tables
* Ideas for campaign play
* Biographies for the four Cruft-Monarchs, oblivious beings of great power
* d36 Cruft Manifestations to use as adventure seeds.

This setting is Pay-What-You-Want and I encourage you to expand, change and tweak it to your tastes. If you make use of it in your TTRPG experiences, please contact me and let me know how it went!

Submitted as part of MS Paint TTRPG Jam 2021.


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Clans_of_the_Cruftscape v1.pdf 8 MB


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Is this in print anywhere? I totally dig it. I guess it's short enough I can just print it out myself. :P

Hi Ray! A couple of people asked me about doing a print run but I decided to keep it as a purely non-commercial product of the MSPaint Jam. Feel free to print it and I'd love to see how it comes out!


I love the art for this so much! Your use of the aerograph is fantastic!